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Get in the conversation

KUBI gives you the freedom to interact while video conferencing. A unique robotic solution with pan and tilt enables you to look around and converse naturally, so you can see more, and get more, from your video calls.

Cloud Control

Get in control of your video, from anywhere, with any web connected device. The KUBI interface is designed to make your video experience more effective with features like QuickConnect via FaceTime for remote KUBI login and saved positions for quick and convenient navigation.

Any Video Client

KUBI is compatible with your favorite video calling client. Whether you video conference with Skype, FaceTime, Jabber, or even Google Hangout, KUBI can take the interaction to another level.

Flexible, Versatile

Designed with Bluetooth LE, KUBI is connector-free so it grows with you as you upgrade your mobile devices. And, the non-form factor specific arms hold almost any tablet from an iPad mini to the Microsoft Surface in both portrait and landscape orientation.

Smooth, Quiet Motion

Powered by two precision servo motors, KUBI fades into background so you remain the center of attention. Get 300° of pan and 90° of tilt so you can see and speak to everyone in the room.